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curso: 2016-17

E-commerce with ASP.NET using the MVC framework: a practical example

Tecnologías Específicas

Tecnologías de la Información

Descripcion y Objetivos

The motivations to write an ASP.NET web application  are the followings:

  • to provide Air conditioner and Solar panel vendors and installers with a framework. As a small firm it is very complicated to do every step of the work with only a handful of people: selling the devices, getting the proper tools and equipments for the installations, keep in head all the problems, organize the timetable and do everything in time. That is why to write a web application with "webshop” functionalities can make their life easier.
  • to create user-friendly interfaces with efficient codes and for this ASP.NET Framework might be the best choice.

The main objective is to write a user-friendly and, elegant webpage providing the most important information about this type of business for example the main motivations, members, contacts, location (via google maps) etc and, from that webpage, we will be able to access to a „webshop” to provide us with all the functionality needed to shop online. Other features to include are for example: user registration, log in, log in via third authenticators like Facebook or Gmail. Data from users, air conditioners,- and solar panels will be stored in a background database. To check the development process and the results international standards will be followed, which includes a detailed testing to certify that the functionality sought by the application is achieved.


Metodología y Competencias

The development process chosen is the Scrum methodology. Nowadays, it is one of the most common used methodology in software development companies when we are talking about creating complex software. Although, student and tutor will impersonate all the roles, since it is the most efficient way to plan and complete a complex development like this.


Medios a utilizar

The main technologies to use in this project are the ASP.NET framework with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Therefore, it is only necessary a desktop computer or laptop together with Azure servers.



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Curso: 2016-17
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